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Customers please email us with your comments on the Razorba®

"I have had a razorba for about 2-3 years now and I love it. I have one of the hairiest backs I have ever seen and you can't tell I have hair after using the Razorba. Every 3-5 days I spend 5-15 minutes doing a touchup shave and it is awesome and easy ... it is baby smooth in no time. I love this thing and it has saved my self confidence. Thanks again for inventing the Razorba, it has really helped out a lot. "
Seattle, WA

"Thanks for your invention, for years I have been trying to keep my back free of hair and had to recruit people to help me do so. After practicing with it [the Razorba] for a few minutes, I had it down. Now my back is smooth and clean, I can see that maintaining it will be easy too. Florida, here I come! "
Cleveland, OH

"Well, I've had my Razorba for a couple of months now, and I must give it props as the most practical way I've found so far in dealing with my "problem". I've done the Nair thing a few times, applying it with a back sponge, and it's a disgusting process that irritates my skin (what is it, afterall [sic], but a mild chemical burn that makes hair fall out?). I could never bring myself to do it with any regularity, so each time I was starting from square one. I bought a ManGroomer earlier in the year. It worked okay for a while, but it was rather flimsy (kind of unavoidable, I suppose, as they had to make it lightweight as possible) and after one slight bump, it abruptly quit working. Not wanting to keep buying ManGroomers, and refusing to go "back", I decided to try the Razorba, as there are no real moving parts to wear out or break. Now, some months later, I find that the Razorba is the best. I shave twice a month... it's the best way that I've found to deal with the problem. I've found the Bic Comfort 3 to be the best... Thanks for providing a product that no guy wants to admit he needs. From now on, if anyone ever asks me, I will recommend the Razorba as the most practical solution available. "
Oakland, TN

"To the makers of Razorba, I give you guys credit for having included a couple of negative testimonials -- what integrity! There obviously exists a minority of men who are content with their back hair, and that's all well and good. But don't count me among them! Your product is great, and works exactly as advertised. I had been looking for a solution other than painful and expensive waxing sessions. This is the answer!"
Chicago, IL

"I've been shaving my back for years and always wondered if there was an easier way...I gave the Razorba a go, boy I wished I found this ages ago it must of took me 5 mins tops. Where it would of took me 30 mins before. This is a great item. Thanks!"
Manchester, England

"This product is genius. I can now shave my entire back in less than 5 minutes and the results are phenomenal."
Langley, VA

"Just got my razorba yesterday and well, you know where this is going...loved the danged thing. My wife actually likes to shave my back but making an appt - especially with 3 kids under the age of 9 would often take weeks - by which time the wolfman returned. Now I set my own schedule, so thanks for that."
Los Angeles, CA

"I ordered a Razorba about 6 months ago. I really really don't like a hairy back and shoulders (particularly as my hair's black, so shows easy), and fortunately I'd found this product just as patches started sprouting (what's worse is mine are patches with no pattern, or maybe patches is a blessing). It is unbelievably brilliant. After a few minutes of initial co-ordination training. I love making my back smooth every 3 weeks - which is an optimum interval. I would never ask my girlfriend to shave my back, and never had to. She didn't mind my back hair but I clearly do. If this product was in local shops I'm sure it'd fly off shelves. Thank you very much!"
London, England

"This has changed my life. "
Irving, TX

"For years, I avoided things like the beach, or swimming because of embarrassing back hair. After using your product, I can't wait to soak up the sun with my shirt off. Your product has done wonders for my confidence. Thanks, Razorba!"
Blacksburg, VA

"I just received the Razorba (which arrived so quickly I couldn't believe it!) and tried it out that night. I used it while in the shower which worked for me to get most of the job done and only had to do a little cleanup afterwards. It was so easy & quick to use! I thought I would end up with razor burn and an itchy back but had none of these problems. I had been trying to use an electric razor and like other guys was becoming a contortionist attempting to do this which did not work. This invention (The Razorba) is excellent and I usually do not take the time out to send testimonials but after the pain-in-the-butt attempts I have previously made to shave my back I had to compliment the inventor and make other guys aware that this thing kicks butt! Thanks for creating this product. "
New York City, NY

"I just received my Razorba and am well pleased with it (ecstatic exactly!)."
Houma, LA

"Received it in 2 days. Used it the same day. The Razorba really works. Excellent."
Stillwater, OK

"I have to admit, [that] when I ordered this thing I figured I was just throwing away my money.  I was wrong. I am SO happy with the results.  It's such a simple, effective tool.  [I] couldn't be more happy with the purchase.  I hope the person who invented this is smiling all the way to the bank....they deserve it!"
Durham, NC

"This product is great!  My wife always complained about shaving my back so I thought I'd take a chance on this product, best decision I ever made. Take my word guys this product is NO JOKE!  It WORKS."
Louisville, KY

"This is the coolest product sold on the Internet, period. "
St. George, UT

"I had created a system of twisted contortions, reaching this way and that in the shower to try and shave my back. It worked pretty well, but nothing like what I’m able to accomplish with the Razorba! I recently ordered a second one 'just to have’ in case anything happens to this one! Thanks a million!"
Danbury, CT

"Are you kidding me? I just got mine and I can't believe it. This product simply works great. I love it! No more trying to do the impossible. I would actually pull muscles trying to shave my back. Not any more. Thanks for a great product."
Las Vegas, NV

"I used to get my back waxed. The Razorba more than paid for itself the first time I used it."
Akron, OH

"Absolutely simple to use. Solves the back hair problem."
Bloomfield Hills, MI

"Works just as described, wonderful to be able to shave on your own with no help!"
Chicago, IL

"Fast delivery. I use it in the shower every day!"
Beverly Hills, CA

"Being a single guy in the dating scene, there was nothing worse than the thought of a new woman seeing/feeling my back hair. I tried everything to get rid of it and it has always been a huge concern for me. But no longer!!! Your product is amazing...it was quick and it removed ALL of my back hair. Thanks for the new found confidence and ridding me of something that has always bothered me!!! Woman of Ohio, watch out!"
Cleveland, OH

"I have tried almost every method of removing hair from my back with the exception of lasers. I must say the Razorba finally allowed me to reach the difficult part of my back. The angle is perfect and my razor fits snuggly inside. The razor does not move around inside the Razorba, which makes it very safe. I also use a spray on lotion which makes preparation all the easier. It really only takes a minute to adjust to the hand eye coordination. Not only is it more comfortable than hair remover lotions, there is no smell or weird feeling on your back. It is also much quicker. Using Razorba saved so much time! Thanks for a great invention."
Baltimore, Maryland

"Unique product! works great!"
Boulder, CO

"Easy, painless & private alternative to an embarrassing problem. Thank you!"
Reno, NV

"This is one of the most beneficial products ever proposed by man. My life is owed to this product. Back hair free just for me!"
Calabasas, CA

"I LOVE YOU!!! YOU'RE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Sunland, CA

"WOW it works! Now I won't look like George the Animal Steele."
Winter Springs, FL

"Product works, would reccommend to anyone. Very fast shipping too."
Milwaukee, WI

"Wow! This thing works freakin great! Thanks!!"
Tuscaloosa, AL

"Item is ingenious."
San Mateo, CA

"Excellent results - got the product within 3 days of ordering and love it."
Huntsville, AL

"Excellent product."
Salt Lake City, UT

"Cool product."
Hastings, MN

"Surprisingly good. Was skeptical, but am very impressed!"
Langhorne, PA

"This product is awesome."
Louisville, KY

"Great product [my] back is smooth and silky....thanks!"
Rye Brook, NY

"Fantastic item. I used it right away and it works GREAT!"
House Springs, MO

"...wonderful product. It was so easy to use and fits my own brand of razors perfectly. I definitely recommend the Razorba to anyone with back hair that makes them feel uncomfortable."
New York City, NY

"Phenomenol product, it's a no-brainer for the price!"
Boston, MA

"Worked as advertised. Super product, and fast shipment."
La Fayette, GA

"Great invention."
Brooklyn, NY

"What a relief! Easy to use, either in the shower or out. Well worth it."
Fort Lauderdale, FL

"Just received my Razorba today, and it works pretty damn good, I’m impressed. Thank you, this device is a huge help and I’ll be recommending it to my friends."
San Francisco, CA

"My back hair issues are now in essence, equivalent to my facial shaving issues. I have access and can do it."
Massapequa, NY

"[With the Razorba] I'm done worrying about back hair, I can say I am cured. Highly recommended!"
San Diego, CA

"My back hair problem is over."
Austin, TX

"And the verdict is, it's sick. Works great!"
Philadelphia, PA

"Thank you! With this product I no longer have to shave my husband's back."
Winter Park, FL

"...worked as advertised. Easy, fast, and was like shaving, no pain. This thing solved my worries about my hairy back."
Frank "The Body Builder"
Los Angeles, CA

"This is the answer I've been looking for. It works great. Thanks."
Flower Mound, TX

"Super easy to use my girlfriend liked the results too. More than I thought she would."
Virginia Beach, VA

"There are people, actually, who have back hair and love it, and there are lots of people who find back hair attractive. As a really hairy guy, you've got my word on it. Your product sounds really useful for someone who wants to shave his back, but for the rest of us, you get a big fat raspberry for saying we're unattractive. Our boyfriends, girlfriends and wives disagree."

via the Internet

Razorba: The choice is yours, but I bet the "girlfriends and wives" you mentioned don't grow out their leg hair and armpit hair, and if they did you wouldn't like it.

"I've been hairy all of my adult life. While I shave my beard regularly as a part of grooming, I draw the line at the rest of my body. The blanket statement that having back hair is an embarrassment would only apply to those who envy the smooth bodied eunuchs omnipresent in advertising. Your website's attempt to present opinion as fact, unfortunately, works with a largely impressionable public. However, please know that at least a few of the impressively hirsute actually wear their pelts with pride. I don't expect a reply or any acknowledgement of your having received this email, but I thought I'd take the time to speak my mind and relieve you of the mistaken (marketing) assumption that men are embarrassed by having back hair. "
via the Internet

Razorba: The fact is not everything produced by the human body is beautiful, if you dislike back hair then we have a solution for you.

"I take offense to your statement that "back hair is ugly and embarrassing." Well, let me tell you, my husband's back is covered in hair, as well as his chest, arms, and legs, and I think its actually sexy. I have my very own teddy bear. I wouldn't have him any other way. You have to be pretty insecure about yourself to describe back hair as "ugly and embarrassing." I would much rather have a brush so I could brush through it instead of a razor to shave it all off. Not everyone thinks its ugly and embarrassing."
via the Internet

Razorba: Lucky guy.

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