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The Razorba Story

Many men suffer from the embarrassment of back hair. But have no realistic solution to the problem. It looks bad, sometime smells bad and women—especially young women hate it.

I invented the Razorba after years of frustration dealing with my own back hair. I tried hair removal creams, and persuaded my wife to apply it to my back, waited a few minutes, showered it off, and then she spent a lot of time rubbing and pulling the dissolved hair off my back. It left my back red. It left my wife and my back irritated! And I missed more than a few spots. Later I learned these creams can actually permanently scar your back.

Waxing was next. I figured women go to salons all the time and seem to really enjoy it. Maybe this will be the answer. At the salon a cute waxing technician girl told me it was really going to hurt. "Sure thing, just do it quick." I replied confidently. A little dab of hot wax, that was a little warm I thought, a padded on piece of cloth on top, no problem so far, although that cloth feels like part of my skin now, wait 5 seconds, no turning back now, she grabbed one end of the cloth and ripped it off. I think I saw white, just pure white, it was that painful. There was nothing quick about it and it didn’t help that after the first rip of absolutely the worst agonizing pain I have ever experienced my body went into fight or flight mode. My heart was racing and more significant, I started sweating which caused the hot wax not to adhere. This irritated the waxing technician who had to then rub a towel firmly on my freshly ripped skin to dry it off after each rip. She ripped at least 20 more times."Pat do you want to stop? How low do you want to go?", she quipped. I'm no quitter. It ended with a red back, a $60 bill plus tip. The hair was gone. Like a trophy, she proudly showed me one of the hair strips. After two weeks the hair started growing back. I loathed the idea of ever doing this again.

I heard about laser treatment being very uncomfortable, expensive, and many dubious centers not using full power resulting in multiple expensive sessions. And it won’t stop new hair growth. No one currently knows the long term effects of laser treatment. But I especially didn't want to permanently alter my body. Instead I decided to come up with a solution.

Handle back hair the same way you handle your beard—shave it. Since back hair (same consistency as the hair on your arms) is softer than facial hair it will shave even better. The first time I tried shaving my back I ended up with a close, clean and easy shave. It looked as good, if not better than waxing.

Shaving was the natural choice, but I also wanted the convenience of doing it myself. The big problem was trying to reach the back hair. After hundreds of prototypes, numerous adjustments, and real-world testing-- the result is the Razorba. Released in 2003 the Razorba became an instant hit. Now I just use the Razorba, with some shaving cream, once a month, or when I feel like it and my back hair problem is solved.

Razorba with razor - Click to see larger image